Why I chose to give away

Life has never been easy to me. Just like you, I had so many downfalls. I never had a chance to bring back my own life when I and my brother lost both of my parents. It is hard. It is so difficult that no one could imagine how my story alongside with my brother goes. It is like a story written on a novel with so many twists that you could never imagine. Although I know that we are not lucky enough to have the best of head-start, I can’t consider my self as an unlucky fellow because I had the best brother ever.

My brother gave up everything including all of his future dreams. He worked hard and became a professional gamer. From his earnings, I had the chance to step back to school. I grew up, stood up again. I got myself back because of my brother’s dedication. Without him, I think our life wouldn’t be like this. He is now a successful professional gamer and I am now a teacher. Both of us managed to survive starvation while living without our dear parents physically. With all our heart, we knew that they are there up in the skies look at us.

Now that I have the chance to bring back what I have in extra. I think this blog is a good chance to have a new set of internet friends. I will be giving away my Otaku items for those who are deserving to have one. I am will not pick randomly, I will pick those who really want an item. I am always after the best, not the rest.

Claim your application now for the giveaway on this link – http://animemanga-enthusiast.blogspot.com/p/the-give-aways.html