The Give Aways!

Giving away stuffs is not a new thing to me anymore. Since the day when I and my brother had the best of fortunes ever, I decided to support 3 chosen charities that I think my money would be able to help. I mean, not the charities but the kids are the main reason why I went to donate money every month.

As our fortune grows, my Otaku collection grows as well. Now, it came to the day when my room can’t handle all the free and premium stuffs that I’ve been receiving from and other anime licensing webstores. Also, the gifts from my personal friends like jackets, bags, action figures, and Gundam Mobile Series collections can’t fit inside my room anymore.

So, if you want to request any kind of Otaku item. Just send me your request to any downloadable applications below. All the downloads are from my personal Google Drive. Nothing is for sale and everything is for free!

What makes my giveaways a handsome one compared to others? 

  • First is that my giveaways is always updated. I do ship anime stuffs weekly.
  • Once you have the form and have contacted me, you will have your requested item in two weeks or less.
  • If you think that you have a request that is not included on my collection, don’t hesitate, simply because I can buy that otaku item as long as you are eligible to have it. You must have my form of course.
  • I always ship otaku items that are still on good shape, unless you want some very antique manga series or light novels.
  • So yeah, giving away stuffs is not a hard thing to me anymore. Manga series, light novels, physical item collectibles, action figures and many more!

So how do you join?

P.S. I have decided to protect all the applications to avoid my mail getting spammed by abusers. All I want is a fair and square treatment to those who wants the giveaways. All the applications are not charged, just prove that you are a human not a spammer and then your application is good to go.

Also, don’t worry about the shipping fee and other extra stuffs. I’ll be the one to handle everything for the giveaway! Everyone can join, Otaku or not.

Download the forms from the links below.

– For books like manga series and light novels.

Manga Series and Light Novels Application

– For CD-DVD series including OVA of your favorite anime. Old or new anime doesn’t matter.

CD-DVD Series including Movies and OVAs Application

– For bags, jackets, pillows, post cards, wallpapers or any other physical item collectible

Physical Item Collectible Application

– For Gundam Toys from or from any other toy webstores.

Action Figures Giveaway Application

If you have any questions or clarifications just message me directly on my Facebook blogger page.