Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator Season 2

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator Season 2

Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator is an anime which flew under the radar out of most”to-watch” anime lists that initially scared me away from watching this. In a sense; I was afraid it was going to be as bad as ‘Toaru Majutsu No Index’ was. But when you start watching this anime, you will be strangely attached to it.

The story is built on the base of the Index Series which means that stuff such as skills, levels of those characters and abilities are already well recognized. Same goes for the primary character’Accelerator’. He is among the most powerful in the Index Series, or rather among the most powerful in’Academy City’. From the main-line series, he is the antagonist who had been tasked to turn into the first degree 6 ESPer. But in this particular series, the view has changed to his; and he’s now the protagonist. Because of the fact that the anime has just begun; the plot is not established very well as of today, so changes might happen.

The artwork is the most remarkable, this is the part that has amazed me the most. The Index Series are somewhat notorious for being horribly drawn, animated and assembled. This series turns it all the way round; the artwork is extremely great. The fighting scenes are amazing and everything seems lively, vibrant and most importantly: revived. The town feels and looks urban enough to be passed as a true town, and the characters are also drawn extremely well, facial expressions, hair colours, character design are amazingly done. And this is in general, since the main-character and co. can also be done extremely well, how the eyes, the hair and the body language of the main-character are revived goes far beyond what J.C. Staff has ever done.

All personalities are somewhat enjoyable, but the best character in this show is that the main-character by far. Because of the fact he is already well established in other animes by J.C. Staff means they could not do much wrong, and they have not. Like mentioned before: the main-character is very lively and extremely intriguing.

Overall I’d give this anime a strong 8/10 and when the plot develops more (and better) this anime could prove to be a 9/10. Kudos to J.C. Staff and A.C.G.T.