Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Season 2

Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Season 2

Nakanohito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] Season 2

Is this show a masterpiece? No, but that is totally fine. If you go into with your expectations at a level for an anime adaptation of a web manga you won’t be disappointed.
I’ll loosely examine the points.

The story is not particularly interesting nor is it first. A group of players is stuck in a mysterious game they don’t recall entering and they must get 1 million views on the live stream of the series to be released. They will get punished if they do not comply with the rules, yadda yadda.

Let us begin by addressing the elephant in the room; is this a Danganronpa copy?
Absolutely and absolutely not. The concepts, cute mascot, character designs (though more”modern” here) and personality archetypes are absolutely in alignment with what you would expect from a Danganronpa match, but instead of simply being another trifle replica of a beloved franchise, it manages to encapsulate it’s own setting and charm. Consider it as a number of the awesome Danganronpa-styled spin-offs you see everywhere, but even more first.

The let’s participant thing is somewhat cheesy, but also extremely adorable and it makes the characters easier to recall and”describe”.
In terms of the brutality of this show, it is not anywhere close to the degree of Danganronpa. The viewer is advised in episode 1 which they will be punished for not following the rules, but the punishment they are shown is somewhat weak and does not really shock you in the way it does in Danganronpa.
This could be plot-related, but since these stories generally have a significance in the smaller details, so it is not a big issue for me, personally.

Overall, it is not fantastic, but if you curb your enthusiasm a bit and take it for what it is, you will enjoy it.

This part is easily among the best sections of the shows. The amount of detail put into every episode is ASTOUNDING and I am surprised more people have not giffed the shit from the show. The art style itself is quite simplistic and”Pixiv-esque” (you know what I mean when you see it), but it is what they do with those characters. I don’t recall any glaringly huge moments where they move off-model and look like blobs in the background, which in itself is a massive feat.

Each episode, they change up the art style for different settings, challenges and touching moments. In episode 1’s touching moment, they completely change up the lineart coloring and style and it seems amazing and perfectly highlights the mood they are trying to capture. There are a lot of areas where the changes directly affect and improve the story, if it be the comedic timing, amount of animation, etc..
It truly feels like some purposeful thinking went into producing the artistic side of the series and it is MUCH appreciated.

I would write a lengthy segment for this, but I honestly do not remember a lot of the music. It is inoffensive, contemporary, and does not get in the way of their mood. It is not something memorable, but definitely not something which pulls you from setting.
The opening is kinda dull, very generic, but I am sure someone will find it enjoyable so do give it a listen.

Giving it a 10 out of 10 may be a bit of an overkill, but frankly, much like it is forefather Danganronpa, the figures are what carry the series.
The guys are great, the women are great and they are all memorable, quirky, and fun! Sometimes, in these huge ensembles, some characters bleed into the background or get the short end of the rod, but they are really just all significant and intriguing. The weakest one in the present time is the most important character, but that is to be expected of these kinds of stories and the story is self-aware enough to feel like a parody on the”hope-inspiring protagonist”.

All of the figures are let’s players, as stated previously, and this brings some terrific gap moe moments. They have great twists to their character which can make even the coldest of hearts melt only a bit. The pure devotion and love that every character has their genre of game is also incredibly endearing.
Also, for men and women that are concerned about the characterization of girls in anime, I’ll gladly announce that they get as much depth and spark in them as the boys do, maybe even more so (since they are in the minority).

Honestly, I can not describe well how good these figures are, so if you like these kinds of character-driven comedy/drama shows with a major outfit, do give it a go!

What’s there to say which have not been said? Despite it is cliché story, it is still an extremely entertaining watch due to the characters and visuals.

Calling this series a Danganronpa copy or”just another passing game” is highly insulting and shouldn’t be taken to heart. Sports, harem, idol, and other sub-genres of anime all share the exact overall themes and ideas, but it does not mean of these are worse than others for having said genre.
Nakanohito Genome conveys itself as another story to Danganronpa with it has great visuals and characters and is a MUST WATCH for any fan of this genre!
For anybody else, why don’t you give it a shot? It may surprise you!