Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e Season 2

Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e Season 2

I know many others appear to think this is a trivial action show with dull characters, but I think differently.

The premise of the show will inform you right away that it is intended to follow the lives of the Incarnates. They’re super soldiers that lost almost everything on the battlefields and are currently trying to find a way to live in society. This is the index that this series is principally character-driven, the plot relies on the personalities of the tales and additionally, it sees the characters grow. You’ll find a sneak peek at the psychological state of those soldiers and I’ll say, it is quite entertaining. Do Hank’s life and situation make you feel genuinely bad for the man, but the Incarnates’ troubles invoke some psychological feelings that get to you also. Their lives are unhappy, making you sad too. I believe that is the most enjoyable part of the show, the challenging presence of the Incarnates. How they are also human, but since they succumbed to the issue they experienced during the war today they must be removed. The only way I can explain it’s sad, really goddamn sad. It appears unfair, but fair at exactly the exact same time. Nancy kind of takes on the viewer’s position, as we are both trying to understand why the Incarnates are as awful as society sees them and why they need to be treated so harshly. Obviously, we’ve got the background knowledge, but Nancy follows Hank around as us watchers follow him around too.

I actually discover the art really clean and crisp, I like the characters are vibrant, particularly their eyes. Though, many scenes are colored dark and gray for the heftier scenes.

The opening and end are great, I have no real complaints. The sound does not just stand out, but it is not so bad I would exactly recognize that it is bad.

I enjoy the characters, I do not think they are exactly bland. Although I do feel a small disconnection between myself and the characters (mainly because we do not know much about them) I am still able to feel sympathy for them. Especially for someone like Hank, I feel only sadness for him. I am able to see and understand his pain and struggles, and I do find myself wishing it did not have to be like that for him. He’s a strong principal character who believes many negative things, yet somehow finds a way to keep going. He decided to burden himself by relieving his fellow soldiers of the war days, feeling accountable as their previous captain. The side characters are interesting too, they have their own perspectives on the Incarnate situation and their own goals towards it. The protagonist is diabolical as ever and struggles Hank to his heart, who does not enjoy a truly screwed up villain?

In general, it’s a fairly good show and I have been enjoying the action and story a whole lot. I would not say the idea is exceptional, but I like how it is being depicted and used in this sequence. I would suggest giving it a watch if you like this genre.