Kanata no Astra: Astra Lost in Space Season 2

Kanata no Astra: Astra Lost in Space Season 2

Kanata no Astra is something which easily go under radar due to the dull poster, unattractive plot with generic shounen characters which has characters that everyone can deduce. However, it’s something done damn perfect.

It has a simple start. Everyone is lost in space, with just a deserted spaceship. It was, literally in the middle of nowhere and the studio excels in demonstrating this situation. With the mix of shivering paths and chocking atmosphere, the main-shounen genre has slipped in still another sub-thriller indoors to send chills down your spine. The setup of ambience is raised accordingly as the events unfold one after another, the conflict appears one after another as the camera rolls back to present the core of this series — they’re all alone. They don’t have any one they can truly trust, no one to look for support from, they have only each other. And this is the major highlight up to now.

Just when all of the hope seems lost, teamwork combined the room.

For the first time, it wasn’t pure friendship. When they have doubt and bias on each other, they must help each other regardless of the true intention. This depiction is highlighted by the scenario where they aren’t accessible, and what they have or operate on are their sole tools of survival. With that, the quirks of the characters are no longer only quirks. Their varied eccentricities became the very important skills they need to survive in various events that are unprecedented, while complementing each other’s weakness and using combined benefit. It was a captivating portrayal of unity amidst all of the uneasiness in store, and it was delivered well.

The outfit characters are driven by the story plot, but it does not take the spotlight away from them. Each of these has their own character and their own story to tell. We’ve got a courageous and athletic pioneer, Kanata with a little recklessness and playfulness. An air-headed Aries who is not able to read the clues of the air of this room, yet function as link between the members. Zack, the prodigy in mathematics and thus, the master of management of the technical system. Ulgar, the silent and mysterious boy who won’t take part in anything. The list continues on and on, with insights on the figures being shown one by one. They are apparently not connected, but they do not know it yet, they are brought together for a reason. And it is exciting to see how it goes there from here.

The animation is managed by Lerche. This studio once managed ‘Assasination Classroom’ with its vibrant characters and’Classroom of’ Elite’ with its emotional outlook. Therefore, facial expression and character style spell out the features of each personality. The characters are given a subtle sign in their expression of what they’re likely to do next and a glimpse of how dead they could be with every one of their actions. It’s this element that provides us, the audience an opportunity to perform our guesses on the mystery unraveled, analyzing the extent of their actions that gives their thoughts.

In general, I enjoy the type of the direction of this series so far and a sense hinted me that it is going to get better from here. With confidence on short demand, I’d love to see just how far they can go when they don’t have any choice but to do everything they can to survive for now.