Isekai Cheat Magician Season 2

Isekai Cheat Magician Season 2

Frankly, though, I did not expect anything particular coming from this particular show. From the promotional artwork, to the trailers. Nothing was clicking for me to change my thoughts from how this was likely to be another bog-standard Isekai narrative. Four episodes later, my mindset has not changed for the anime. Nothing was peaking my interest. That being said, the series isn’t bad. In actuality, I could make a case for two other Isekai shows this year that’s worse than this series. However, it has also been unremarkable too.

So the story begins with our most important protagonists, Taichi and Rin, suddenly getting transported to another world by a summoner. But due to some disturbance, they get summoned into the new world in the middle of nowhere. What follows are a few of the standard fantasy Isekai plotlines. Meet and make friends with individuals from this new world, join the experiences guild, understand how overpowered they are and then b**chslap every villain and creature they encounter after discovering it. Although not too overpowered as they’ve fulfilled foes that gave them a challenge. However, the show’s narrative was pacing steadily so much and nothing has felt like it dragged on for a long time. But, we still do not know much as to what this world is like or why they’re summoned (not yet at least) beyond how magic is used. Instead, it begins to establish our main group of characters and the way the power dream is established in this world. However, it’s told in a somewhat boring and uninteresting way simply by describing it to us, as opposed to revealing the awesomeness of magic. However when it does, it’s still rather dull as it isn’t trying to be flashy or trendy looking for you spent when magic is used to offer you the response of”That was cool” . Episode four seemed like this for the most part but the animation was rather underwhelming with loads of cutaways and still images with extreme shots and quick lines moving across the display on the sides.

Besides that though. The cartoon and the soundtrack will also be adequate and do its job. I will say it is nice that the series has not resorted to crappy CGI in its own fight scenes yet, even though a number of the fire effects are questionable occasionally. I like the art style used here, if a little generic, but it will seem good honestly. It’s only when it comes to animating, it is lacking. The soundtrack can be absent at times but if it does, it’s alright and fits the scene the majority of the time. A few times during the four episodes however, it felt just like that the soundtrack and the scene did not match and it felt quite jarring.

Our primary two leads are quite stereotypical as duos are, with Taichi being the epic, charge right into save everyone kind of man and Rin having common sense and is generally the one which thinks things through. The warrior and the mage essentially. Additionally it is pretty clear that there will be some sort of romantic tension building slightly between both down the line since they have all ready to lay the seeds for this. But that would require me to care and I do not in this instance. They are quite uninteresting, stereotypical, power dream characters that you get in these sorts of shows with no quirks, gimmicks or have an interesting character to make me care about them. The supporting cast though is nice if a bit boring so much that only act as acquaintances or future companies as shown in the first scene of the series.

Now, what about the opening. The main reason I chose to watch this series. Well, I need to say I’m disappointed. Which is a shame? MYTH&ROID haven’t done a terrible opening and all them that they did the song for have been great. “Paradisus-Paradoxum” from Re: Zero,”JINGO JUNGLE” from Saga of Tanya that the Evil and”VORACITY” from Overlord III have been great openings. And after coming off from among the greatest openings this season,”Shadowgraph” from Boogiepop and Others, this felt underwhelming due to one primary thing, the choreography of the chorus. It was hard simply to keep tabs on what was happening on the screen and there were lots of flashes of light. It felt just like the visuals were attempting to keep up with the tune, as opposed to the song come for it to make it choreograph better. The tune itself was great, if not a bit out of place with the series because of heavy usage of the synthesized vocals. But that is MYTH&ROID’s style so who am I to complain.

So yeah, this series is a somewhat unremarkable, bog-standard Isekai series to increase the ever-growing collection of this genre. Yet nothing about this series is rage-inducing to get you frustrated with it because it does not emphasise that feeling of frustration or disgust as it doesn’t attempt to. It is going through the movement of a formula that’s tried and true that we know works but never attempts to branch off to do something interesting. This show is really middle of the road. Doesn’t need to take risks. Is neither good nor bad. If you like this sort of series, then yeah, watch this series. Just do not expect anything interesting to come from it. However, you can do worse than that, particularly coming from the season.