Gundam Action Figures: Owning the Otaku Giveaways!

I thought that manga and light novels would reign supreme on my Otaku Giveaways. Everyone does read and watch manga, light novels and anime but I never thought that it would be the Gundam Action Figures to sit on the throne. Right now, 4/5 of my collection or 80% is still on my room. That’s a healthy figure still, considering that there are still action figures that are scheduled to be shipped at my place. I tried to estimate the numbers of figurines remaining at my counter, there are 500 action figures mixed. Around 350 are Gundam collectibles.

Shipping here, shipping there. Otaku and the fans are everywhere. By the time being, most of the items shipped have been received by their new respective owners. There are some that are still on schedule while few are having difficulties receiving the giveaways because of their country’s shipping companies. I will always make sure that first timers for the giveaways will always have the same treatment as to those who have received theirs already.

As a teacher, I always make sure that my treatments are the same to all my students. The same pattern goes to my new and upcoming anime-manga enthusiast friends.