Given Season 2

Given Season 2

It is mostly about love, loss and slowly learning how to proceed and let go. I need to say, it is among the most engaging, realistic and emotionally resonant youthful love stories I have come across thus far. Not much has happened in the anime yet – but I think it was done with purpose. You really can see the work and thought they put into preparing the tone of this series and laying down the foundation for what is to come. They even added lots of additional scenes (not existing in the manga) that help in fleshing out the characters and making them feel more alive, in addition to linking story beats from the manga to make the story more cohesive and flow a lot better.

They are doing an excellent job at translating the story from book to screen. The direction, shot compositions and the light are so noticeably great, it is honestly so impressive. It is not just”revived” manga panels – they really put a great deal of consideration into the design and flow of the scenes. The character animation is also pretty good (which is usually notoriously bad when it comes to BL anime). This is a music anime too, so I was somewhat worried about the performance scenes, but (holy crap) the tools’ look (and sound!) Were left so well and the CG for the performances were really impressive! And of course, even the background artwork for scenes are extremely detailed and beautifully done also. I for one love the character designs. They were able to keep the identical feel/personality of the characters in the manga, while also adding their personal spin on them.

The sound design for this anime is so damn impressive (I can not believe how blessed we are) particularly for scenes with tools in them. The strumming of an unplugged electric guitar with a complete newbie… the sound effects of the amps and other gear… it’s integrated so well, you can think the sounds really come from these moving pictures. And I am not even discussing the group’s real performance scenes yet! That being said, the real musical performance on episode 1 is SO great – it really fit the image I had of the ring whilst reading the manga. The background music can be really nice and uses band instruments so that I thought that was really cool. In addition to the OP and ED are really excellent. The ED informs me how perfect Shougo-san is for the function of Mafuyu – both in singing and speaking. This is a truly blessed anime adaptation.

The best thing about this anime is most likely that it comprises real (explicitly) homosexual couples. The development involving our main couple is slow, but very, very obvious and more importantly, extremely believable – you can’t help but send those cuties together. They have a really fantastic relationship dynamic – it’s honestly really refreshing not to be exposed to debatable BL tropes in this true BL anime. The characters themselves are interesting and complex and adorable, but their voice actors really add so much life to them. Their speech is much more realistic in contrast to the usual”anime-style” of talking, so it actually adds to the realism and seriousness of the drama (however, I need to say that this anime is also pretty amusing ). This is a music anime, so I have to mention the voice actor for Mafuyu is such an ideal choice – the speaking and singing voices feel as though they come from exactly the exact same individual (as occasionally an actor’s singing voice is extremely different in their singing voice) and he actually has Mafuyu’s character down to a tea.

As you can probably already tell, I like this anime a good deal. It’s one of those anime I look forward to watch each and every week. The story is intriguing, dramatic, emotional and the characters are relatable, complex, and loveable. I’m fully invested in the story and all of the figures, so that I see that as a complete success. I hope we get more adaptations of queer stories like this that are treated/adapted with the respect and love they deserve.

Really high-quality work overall concerning artwork, animation, voice acting, writing, directing and MUSIC. Very simple recommendation to absolutely anyone who enjoys good romance/drama/highschool/audio anime.