Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Season 3 Release Date

Not all the time, anime will always be on point to a new comer. I mean, most anime these days are adapted from a particular content, maybe from a manga, light novel, a toy, a movie, a game, etc. We never know the next set of content would be. Some anime are enjoyable to watch if you have a background from the original content, like Touken Ranbu. If you haven’t played the original game then you will have a hard time catching up on almost everything about the swords.

To be honest, the anime adaptation of Touken Ranbu is a rare find. Rare gem to be exact. A game being adapted into an anime is quite uncommon but from a web browser is a different talk especially that the animating studio has to do some tweaks with the characters though. The plot and story pretty much falls to the writer and director, so it is quite easy. Only the disappointment from the original game fans is the only thing he team behind the anime fearing about. To satisfaction from their original supporters is the only way to top for a project like this.

Well, the anime made it to two anime adaptations though. A third is just a push for everything. On situations like this, we don’t know if the game itself isthe promotional content for a season three or if it is still the anime. But for me, I would like this anime to have another shot in the anime screen.