Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Season 2 Release Date

I was once in a hospital to visit one of my girl students who just bore a child. Our meeting was blissful especially having a new member of our family. I have to leave the meeting early because my schedule was hectic back then. On my way out of the hospital, I passed by the cashier and saw one lady crying. I asked one of the guards why and found out that an anonymous guy paid her daughter’s operation. The lady was worried sick and was standing by the cashier for several hours, the guard said then mister Santa Claus came.

Well, not all heroes wear capes. That instance gave me more reasons why I should keep on donating and helping orphan kids. Also the reason why I always wanted to be a hero, a mahou girl, a magical girl. Well, I’m too old for that. I mean too old to be a magical girl but my age didn’t stop me to watch Magical Girl Raising Project anime.

If I have the power to instantly give Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku a season two then I would do it right away. No more talk, second season right away but sadly I don’t have that kind of power. All I can do is to blog about the facts and the circumstances if the series would have a season two. Actually, it is quite easy to tell. With the manga adaptations that the original light novel has, I don’t think that content would be a problem for a season two assuming that they would make a spin-off of the story. If no spin-off second season would come then the anime series has to wait for enough content from the original light novel before it starts pumping some gas. About the sales, anime adaptations like this are promotional projects from the original light novel. Although it can be the other way around, there is a very small chance that the light novel is the one promoting the anime.