Long Riders! Anime Season 2 Release Date

Before i began writing this blog post I interviewed a friend of mine first who loves biking at first then he started listing to some road biking trips. His hobby turned into a passion. His passion turned into a big collection of photos where he road with his bike and a collection of his own modified bikes. When it comes to something that we like, no one could really stop us from making ourselves happy. This is also the reason why my brother can’t stop me from collecting manga and figures. Also the reason why I keep on helping children from orphanages and been doing giveaways for fellow anime and manga enthusiasts.

Long Riders! is more like a hobby, slice of life anime to me. Although the manga mainly belongs to the sports genre, I find the anime adaptation more into a hobby kind one. The first season features the struggles of Ami Kurata as she tries to discover the new world with cycling. Ami Kurata’s first bike is a Pontiac firebird folding bike. The friend that I interviewed has one of that and he said that it is not easy to get one especially if the bike is going to be shipped just for you to get it. Here’s how it looks like in real life:

If the anime adaptation would stick to the original manga content just like how it is in the first season. I don’t find any problems when it comes to the content to cover if there would be a season two. I would like the anime adaption of Long Riders! to have another shot in the anime scene. A season two is a must have not just for to those who loves anime but to bike and cycling enthusiasts as well.