Kiss Him, Not Me: Watashi ga Motete Dousunda Season 2 Release Date

Being different is not being ugly. It is being unique, and being unique is being special. Special not only in the inside but also in the outside. I once had that problem being different when I had to transfer school back in grade school. I’m the only kid who can’t catch up in class and I ended up being teased by my classmates. The teasing continued until a teacher thought me how to shrug my classmates off and have my chin up always. My teacher also said that I should not always judge on what I see on the outside, sometimes we have to check first what is really in the inside. That is how I see Kae from the original manga and the anime adaptation. Though she may have changed her outside appearance, she’s still the very otaku girl from the inside, a yaoi lover to be precise.

Some do not prefer Boys Love or Yaoi genre when it comes to both anime and manga platforms. But what these some don’t know is that Yaoi is one of the successful genres on both scenes. Next to sports and mecha genre, it is yaoi that ravages the anime sales. You may not be convinced but I’ve been blogging for more or less 4 years now and I saw how yaoi evolve and pretty much gave a new meaning to harem genre.

Well, enough talk about the genre because the story is not just basically yaoi, it is a combination of romantic comedy as well. Kiss Him, Not Me would have some problems when it comes to content if the second season would go with the same pace with the first season. The Watashi ga Motete Dousunda manga is quite precise on each chapters and volumes while the anime adaptation is somewhat skipping some not-so important parts but would be nice to have those parts as a sugar for the adaptation. If you get what I’m saying then with that kind of pace the lack of content the adapt/animate would be a problem for a season two BUT the manga is on a healthy status though so fear not, it is all about the sales in the end.