Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Season 2 Release Date

I’ve been reading mangas since I was 10. I saw how the scene grew, the artworks, the designs, and the covers. It is always fascinating how each series evolved yearly, how the mangaka listened to their international fans and how we, the fans influenced their masterpieces at all. It makes the fans stay and wait for each update, either weekly or monthly, if in hiatus status, the fans would wait still. This has been the story and relationship of manga fans to their idols, patience has always been the fans’ virtue. You’ll read a lot of manga with tons of potential in the anime scene but never a chance to be adapted though. Weekly or monthly manga release is nothing compared to a anime adaptation news, it takes years of preparation and lots of prayers from the supporters as well.

Keijo!!!!!!!! is one of those manga series with tons of potential yet took more or less three years to have an adaptation. I’ve been reading the manga for 2 years now and never missed a single scanlation update online. I want Keijo’s original manga to be added to my collection but it is very difficult to get one. 

Keijo’s content when it comes for a second season would never be a problem. The series has a big area of room to cover. The adaptation is not fast forwarding the significant events of the manga series. I find the adaptation in a good pace. I also think that the manufacturing/release of the figures in public would come as soon as the first season ends. When it comes to outside support, I’m pretty sure that the original manga of Keijo has gathered enough reinforcements to makes sales for the anime series.