Izetta: The Last Witch Shuumatsu no Izetta Season 2 Release Date

I’ve always been curious about witches. How they lived, what caused them to be feared so much, how they do their rituals and so on. Even though they have this negative vibe on almost all books and stories, I always believe that not all witches are bad. They are like the online hackers nowadays, some are bad, some are good. Bad hackers use their ability to steal password and stuffs, while good hackers retrieve very important information mostly left by dead people, work like research paper and state of the art projects.

As an anime television series that falls under alternate history genre, I find the animation quite good, especially that war is also playing a big role on the plot, Also, let’s not forget that the anime is not adapted from any outside sources, not from a manga nor light novel so props to the studio for this wonderful work.

Would Izetta: The Last Witch get another season? I definitely believe that the anime would get a season two. Izetta’s vision is not only to bring peace within Eylstadt but to bring peace to the whole world, there’s also a lot of mystery to cover which includes the first white witch and her grandmother’s. To be honest, I already pre-ordered one figure of Izetta at 1999.co.jp to support and push the franchise. Hopefully my purchase would be one of the millions to support Shuumatsu no Izetta’s second season.