Idol Memories Season 2 Release Date

I know that this might have been written already on some blogs or anime new website out there but I think it is still worth telling that anime is always evolving and improving. Listening to fans and discussing everything to the higher ups when it comes to producing anime has been on the spot this past seasons. I think that is also the reason why the anime scene is growing as well and more and more anime is getting produced every year. Well, the more anime produced means more blog posts for me to make. RIP me.

Voice acting is very popular to Japan. It is a stepping stone to almost all the media platforms out there. A Japanese voice actor could transition to movies, televisions, back to radio or just stick to anime dubbing scene. To watch anime is already great but to see the voices behind our favorite characters is always a mystery. Idol Memories did a good job showing the seiyuus to the fans and how lovely they are in real life. Most of the time we just see them on photos or on some real quick interview videos but to see them interacting on every post-anime-episode makes them loved by the fans even more.

There’s no more discussion for this one. Idol Memories deserves a second season. As an anime television series the content for the product will never be a problem. Only the sales and the production would be the questions left for the fans waiting for a season two. Would there be enough sales to push another season? I will always hope for this one to have another shot, seeing the seiyuu on the anime screen makes me watch the anime even more.