Girlish Number Anime Season 2 Release Date

Climbing to the top and learning the ropes are two different things. Before you reach your dreams, you have to be good and get experience from the bottom first. There’s no way that a skipper would make a great name at top if he’s not even good and doesn’t have any/enough experience at all. I know this because I’ve been there already. I was promoted pretty quickly as a Math Department head and it was never easy. I wasn’t good at leading a department and didn’t had enough experience to handle every single situation back then. I had to step down as a department head and now I’m trying to make my way back to top again.

It is good to see an anime that enlightens not just the anime fans but also to those who prefer light novels and mangas more. Girlish Number anime adaptation gave us the insight how difficult it is to be in the anime scene, the timeframe, the deadline and hard work you need to put into just to stay alive in this line of profession. Some may just hate Chitose Karasuma’s attitude at first but we fans always know that there’s a moral and a reason why the author made her like that. That is for her to learn and be able to come up with the challenges ahead.

As a serial novel, I don’t see Girlish Number having just one season on the anime and one volume on the manga. The series already gained a lot of admiration from the fans and I’m pretty sure that the support would follow in later. When it comes to content there shouldn’t be any problem. I just hope that the sales would be enough to push through another adaptation project for this series.