Fune wo Amu The Great Passage Anime Season 2 Release Date

A dictionary is a ship that navigates an ocean of words. Without words, you cannot express your  thoughts or be able to have any sort of deep understanding of others. People board the ship we call dictionaries and fine the perfect words to gather the small lights floating to the top of the dark waters. Words are lights. But in the ever-changing world, unable to find the right words, there are those who lead troubled lives caged with their own trapped feelings. We need a ship people like that can feel safe boarding. That is the dictionary we are trying to create. Written with characters meaning “to cross the vast ocean,” it’s called The Great Passage. We are creating a ship to cross the vast ocean of words. Proactively inclusive of new words with clear and concise definitions. All in order to make The Great Passage a dictionary that brings people together.

The Great Passage anime isn’t just your ordinary “book” making anime. It is a combination of almost everything we encounter in real life. The awkwardness, the passion, and the precision on how we meet our special someone is delivered on this novel. To be honest, I already watched the movie of this novel 2 years ago and watching the anime adaptation still gives me the laughter and chills that I’m always looking for. Too bad I don’t have a hard copy of the original novel. I would like to have one though someday and add it to my collections.

For a second season, I would like the anime adaptation to have one. A trailing season would be a good option but I don’t know about the materials because it is already solid as rock that the novel will stay as it is. With no followup content from the novel then there won’t be enough materials for trailing seasons.