Drifters Anime Season 2 Release Date

Reading books and learning about the lives of amazing historical figures is so much fun. Visualizing how they conquer places, unite territories and explore a new world of them is very fascinating. But not every book tells how good they are on almost everything, there are some books that reveals their true identity and somehow their very own intention on why they do that. They have good vision, wise and very aggressive as well. I think those three traits are the basic qualities to make you a historical figure.

From a manga, Drifters made its way to the anime scene not just once but twice already with its OVA. The series is not just a historical series though, it is in fact the most action packed anime for Fall 2016. The entrance Drifters to the anime scene had a very good timing since a lot of anime fans were so hungry for an action genre anime. It’s kinda rare to see this genre to have that much of an impact since mecha and card games have been overtaking the scene for a very long time already. It is a fresh content to be honest although the cinematic is bloody indeed.

I do vote for its second season. Like I said, action-themed anime is kinda rare nowadays as the scene needs some balancing when it comes to animating now. Even though a lot would back me up about this I don’t think that it is enough to push this anime for a second season. The content from the original manga would be the first and major problem about this anime if it is going to have a season two. The story is directly followed from the manga, without enough content a season two would not be possible.