Bloodivores Season 2 Release Date

A place without equality is a place called nothing. I hate it so much when I end up on a place where gender is never equal, but I hate it more when it comes down to race. I’m always against racism and favoritism. Racism is the biggest cause of bullying, bullying that later on converts to crime, crimes which leads to chaos from order. If you research more about bullying, you’ll end up reading articles that those bullies yesterday are the criminals today. They exercised power and learned how to make shortcuts for themselves.

I can’t say that Bloodivores anime is a good example of racism but I can firstly tell base on the plot of the story how the humans hates the vampires on their community. That is my first impression though but not long after I started reading the webcomic online. I thought that the story itself is not worth watching but I was wrong. Yes, the anime’s transition is kinda confusing and annoying at the same time but not the original content.

Would the anime adaptation of Space-Time Prisoner gets a second season? Well, to be honest I don’t think that it has a lot of support from the anime fans. I don’t like the anime adaptation but I don’t hate it either. I just wished that it had a better adaptation so that more fans behind the anime screens would understand, love and enjoy watching it. This is my personal opinion though but I wish it gets season two.