Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars Season 2 Release Date

When you rule a land, a state, an empire or what ever it is, you will always look after your subjects. Subjects who tend to make trouble for your own. It’s not easy, even by just leading a group of classmates for a school activity, sometimes you’ll get grouped with lazy classmates who loves to leech grades from you. Then imagine being a monarch. A King, a Queen, a Regent, a big burden and responsibility to those who sits at the throne. I do understand Yuinshiel Asteria’s feeling and how big it is not to turn in Rena to those who makes big threats to her country. If you can’t save one person under your own ruling then you can’t save everyone surrounding you, even if it’s for the better of many.

Upon the postponement of Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars, a lot have been discussing that the show is not yet ready for the anime scene. For me, it was. The story was very confusing for me at first, I even have to play back some scenes on previous episodes just to understand the flow of the plot and where it is going. If I were to review and give a score to the episodes aired before the postponement I would give the show a 7 because I know there’s more onto it. That’s the reason why the producers had the show cancelled for a while. Some factors were missing on the first four episodes of the show.

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars for a season 2? I don’t know. I hope that it gets another one shot. The show went back on track with some great adjustment. This makes me feel that the “big guys” behind the anime scene that we love and caress don’t just make money out of it. They also give effort and listen to the feedback of fans as the fans gives credit and funds to their shows. They postponed it and make it back live with better content. Hopefully, this one gets a second season.