All Out!! Anime Season 2 Release Date

Joining a varsity team is like joining an army. You train, you build yourself, you get disciplined, you get better, and many more benefits but even though you obtain enormous amount of incentive you can still get injured or be broken while being in a varsity team. There are always risk on every happiness but you shouldn’t let it sink you down the drain like Sumiaki Iwashimizu. The bitterness and burden would make you fall always and regret everything especially if you’re the cause of someone’s injury and failure of your team.

Coming from a manga series, I thought that the story would flow like Eyeshield 21’s but I was wrong. I never read the original manga of All Out!! The series was a recommendation from my sports-anime enthusiast friends and to be honest I like it and as time and time again sports genre anime will always teach us and alleviate us when it comes to hope and never give up. Also, as a sport (rugby) very popular in Italy, All Out!! is an exclusive video on demand on their community.

My hopes are high on this one. As the first rugby-themed anime, I’m pretty sure that fans around the globe who loves the same sports would support this series to keep on running. I never read the manga like I said but maybe I should after posting this blog post. More sports would be animated soon, more sports manga adapted into anime. Slamdunk, One Outs, Haikyuu, Eye Shield 21, Kuroko no Basket, Diamond no Ace, more sports genre anime would come because everyone could relate from it, in some way sports anime tend to reflect every person’s life.

A second season for All Out!!? I would say yes, there were sales even before the anime came out. Figures that animenewsnetwork and crunchyroll promoted for all sports-theme anime fans. The story is far from over as well. A good thought to put to mind to those hoping for a second shot,