New Game! Anime Season 2 Release Date

Gaming has always been part of my anime life. I think every anime fans could relate to my opening sentence. When you start watching anime, you’ll start loving playing games as well because both things gives us escape to reality. Watching anime and playing games are cohesive to each together, you can’t put one way. They’re bonded forever.

For some, New Game! anime would be just a normal comedy, slice of life genre anime. But for me, nope. The plot maybe very basic to understand but the content inside the story-line gives us a whole new meaning on how we should play our games. From the character design, to the motion, NPC, down to the gameplay, this anime drove us to an education trip on how games are made. We should always be grateful to the game developers, bug fixers and exploiters, character designers and to the community of each gaming company as they build each game with all their heart. Yagami Ko is a big example on this, she even has to sleep under her own desk because she’s very dedicated onto create her game. It takes time and a big commitment to the people behind every game to make it a successful one.

Will New Game! have a second season? I don’t know…, the manga series is still running but the contents to make a season two are not enough. It will pretty much take some time before it gets a season two. Also a game under its franchise will be released early next year 2017, hopefully it would have great amount of sales to push the possibility for another project.