Momokuri Anime Season 2 Release Date

Our first love is the unforgettable one and it never dies. I can still remember my first love. I did some weird things as well and to be honest I captured pictures as well like Yuki Kurihara but I didn’t collect used straw. HAHA! I also always try to bend the polarities of us when we are together and make it both opposite. I mean, I always try to be very close to him and most of the time it ends up in a very awkward way. The thing about first love is that you will always do everything to keep the love alive even with the weirdest method of all. You may even forget what you’ve been doing or what you did after a day or two because you’ve been obsessed about your other half. There’s no way that that a person struck with high first love wouldn’t do anything for everything when it comes down to this first feeling.

The first anime adaptation of Momokuri was an ONA, an original net animation which means that it was introduced first in the internet before it went down to television. As a romantic comedy fan, I find this anime fit to every age bracket out there. It made me giggle on each episode that I watched and I’m pretty sure that my brother would have the same expression as well if ever he starts watching this amazing adaptation.

I wonder if the anime would run for a second season now that it is being broadcast in the TV screens as well. I want it to have a season two and also since it falls under slice of genre as well, I do think that making a spin-off or something new about the story wouldn’t be difficult at all.