Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 Release Date

There will always be that one big guy in every generation that would be so famous but wouldn’t want to be exposed publicly, that would be the famous manga author under the pseudonym One. He is the brains behind the successful manga and anime series One-Punch man and also one behind Mob Psycho 100. Yeah, he likes number “one”. I don’t know why he wants it to be like that but maybe he just want to add spice to everything he writes about. And also, for as long as he stays anonymous to every single fan of him, no one would stalk him and bother him about the latest chapters or spoilers of his masterpieces. I think being a mangaka is like always having a secret that you should never ever tell to anyone. No, not having a secret but maybe always carrying a gossip that you swear not to tell a single person as gossip runs faster than the Flash.

One (author) really loves to write a story that exaggerates to the point that the readers (from the manga) and the viewers (from the anime) would have so much fun spending their time with his masterpiece. His talent focuses more on how he exaggerate things that would make comedy very unique on every fans’ eye. After the big hit of One-Punch Man, I already know that Mob Psycho 100 is going to follow its path to glory as well.

A season two for Mob Psycho 100? Yes, there should be a season two but how soon is the real question. I don’t know but let’s not expect that much when it comes to second season since the One-Punch man sequel in the anime screen is still being talked about. A lot of fans is waiting and a lot of sales has been made from the first masterpiece. I can’t compare both when it comes to content, even though the “superpower” genre is what bonds these two work of One (author) together. And yeah, props to Bones studio for making the anime adaptation of Mob Psycho 100 very comic-ish, I think that is what One (author) and his manga artist wanted it to be.