Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! Season 2 Release Date

That moment when you have a crush but your crush doesn’t like you. It melts, right? You will always feel bad and cold to your crush even though your crush doesn’t know that you have feelings for him/her. Like you’re mocking at your crush while your crush is trying to understand what your real mood is. We humans tend to have that trait that we should be treated equality as well. If we have a crush on someone, we hope our crush would have that same feeling as well. But, it doesn’t always happen.

But what if you’re stuck with your crush on a school club everyday, getting rejected everyday simply because your crush doesn’t like your entity at all. That would be the worst feeling ever. I don’t know how Mizuki Usami pulls it off every time but I commend her for being so tough and being able to withstand Subaru Uchimaki’s everyday rejection to her. I can’t do that. I’ll just quit the club and find another one, I think.

This Art Club has a Problem! tickled me on each episode that I watch. I would love to see the anime adaptation to have another season. A season two is what I’m looking for but I do think that fans like me would have to wait as the original manga’s magazine is updated on a monthly basis. I would be okay with spin-off for as long as this series keeps on running.