Cheer Danshi!! Season 2 Release Date

I always want to try something new. Fly around the world to explore new things, experience lifetime events like watching the Olympics, witnessing a space shuttle launch, be part of a game’s alpha testing and many more. I want to try a lot of stuffs but for now I am bound to teach highschool students and be part of them as well. There’s always and will always be a part of me that seeks for chills, thrills and adventure, someday I know that I’ll be able to unleash that part of me within.

All-men cheerleading squad? Never heard of that, although I know for a fact that the first ever cheerleader was a guy. Cheer Boys!! Go Breakers is something new and very fresh in my own eyes, I never thought that the novel of it would have an anime adaptation that would go so good. I’ll be honest, I thought that the anime adaptation would be so awkward because of the plot, but nope I was so wrong. The character development and also the part on how they explain cheerleading to the viewers are the assets of this adaptation.

Just like the Breakers, I will also cheer for them. I would vote for a second season of this. The series is still young and full of new adventures. Although the writers of the original novel series is different from the anime adaptation, I wouldn’t think of it as a problem. The real problem for a season two would be the materials a studio would use if ever there would be a second installment.

My favorite character for this anime? That would be Wataru Mizoguchi.