Battery The Animation Season 2 Release Date

Reading someone’s mind is not my thing but there is an exception when it comes to my brother. I can always read his heart and mind. I know when he’s heartbroken, when he had a fight with a friend or with his girlfriend, when he’s hurt, depressed, blissful  and many more. I can totally read my brother base on his action as well. But sadly, he can’t read me back. Maybe I’m just unpredictable and he’s very easy to read. It is like Seiha Harada is me while Takumi Harada is my brother.

Battery is one of those amazing piece of work that was burried in grave for so long. Battery  is a novel series written way back in ’96. A novel which was adaptated a ton of times but never in the anime scene until recently. It was adapted once as a TV series and once as a Live-action film. I am very glad that this Atsuko Asano’s work  had a chance on the anime screen. With the drama inside a battery, the hopes on every league, and the emotions overflowing in the story made Battery to be adapted a ton of times. There’s no spin-off or anything new added on every adaptation, everything in the story is the same, the plot is intact. This is what I like about the Battery’s story because it is absolute.

After Diamond of Ace, I think Battery is making havoc as well when it comes down for another installment. I don’t think that there will be another season but I do hope that there’s second season. Please do not get me wrong, I want it to have a season two but there are no materials for it to have a second run.