B-Project: Kodou Ambitious Season 2 Release Date

A job is a big secret. I mean, an actual job description is not that actual job at all. I, for example is a teacher, yes I do teach but that it not what I only do.  It is not about teaching at all, there’s a lot of things that circles behind the scenes like fixing love problems of my students (you know as a love doctor), schedule meetings with parents about their child’s grade, setting up events to treat my students because of their good work and a lot more. What we see on the outside is not what we actually know in the inside. There’s a lot more jobs out there that is super complicated and I’m glad to watch this anime B-Project: Kodou Ambitious as it tackled a lot of things behind the music industry especially the A&R job.

The anime B-Project is not all about Tsubasa Sumisora’s struggle as an A&R, it is also mixed with the three group’s music career path and how steep the climb they need to do to make it to the top.  Following Uta no Prince-Sama, I’m pretty sure that the creators did their best to lift this anime to the scene as well but there’s a long road ahead for B-Project though for a second season.

Materials for a season 2 will never be a problem, I’m sure about that. B-Project: Kodou Ambitious is an original anime series so there’s no need to wait for an update from a manga or a light novel series. The problem is that if there would be enough sales from the first season, would the songs from MooNs, Kitakore, THRIVE and B-Project be enough to push the chance for a second installment? I love this anime, there’s a lot of room to discuss about it. I do hope that it gets another season.