Arslan Senki Season 3 Release Date

Coming from a new studio, I never thought that Arslan Senki’s second season would be adapted that fast. Fast enough for its two mangas to have more exposure and even more to its original fantasy novel series. Liden films had a very big contribution to Arslan Senki’s anime success. An action, adventure anime like this, is very animation dependent especially when we talk about the big battles on the field. So yeah props to the animators and everyone behind Arslan Senki’s anime adaptation because they did a very good job on making this one straight to anime fans’ heart. Not only the animation but also the sound score is very good, it improved from the first season to its second season.

Next to Kingdom anime, I think the fans of Arslan Senki is building up. The wage and coalition of enemies are starting to build up as well. But I don’t know if there would be enough materials for this great anime to have a third season (following the current anime story). The anime is following Hiromu Arakawa’s manga and as we can see that materials available for a third season is starting to deplete. Maybe an OVA would be a good idea, or a movie to feature the other manga adaptation of Arslan Senki. Maybe, maybe and maybe but the only answer is to wait.

Arslan Senki season 3? I am hoping for that. There’s still more to be built on the story though.  Hiromu Arakawa is the creator of Full Metal Alchemist so my hopes is high on this one. I can wait for as long as she keeps on giving us information about her work load because right now she’s writing 3 mangas at the same time. It is a heavy load now that she’s working on Silver Spoon as well.