Amanchu! Season 2 Release Date

Moving to another place to settle your life there is never easy. Adjusting from morning to evening, having new people to live with, new places to explore and new experiences to treasure. Especially when you have to do it because you have to adapt to the situation. I had the same ran that Futaba Ooki had, I was forced to live a new life after my parents died. It feels bad because I have to leave everything behind especially my friends but I never regret it, to listen to my brother and have live a new life, actually I am so blessed to follow his decision. For me, it was the best journey I ever had and I’m pretty sure that Futaba Ooki never regret and enjoyed her decision as well.

From a 2008 manga, Amanchu! had its first run in the anime scene. I can say that the manga is old already but the touch it had in the anime adaptation is very very great. Studio J.C. Staff did a very good job on recreating the series especially on how Hikari Kohinata is characterized and developed in the anime adaptation.  I don’t think that Amanchu! is just another slice of life anime, it is superbly written by Kozue Amano. If you don’t know her, she’s the writer and the brains behind the successful anime series Aria.  

I don’t have that much word when it comes to a slice of life anime. The story is bound with waters and that is the writer’s specialty. There’s no mystery and such to talk about as well. All I know is that this anime adaptation deserves a second season given the fact that it has enough material to make another one. What do you think? Do you think that Amanchu! deserves a second season?