Super Lovers Season 2 Release Date

Super Lovers or Boku no Pico light as my friends called it is a Yaoi or “ boys love anime “ adapted from an manga by Studio Deen who have dabbled in yaoi before and also with producing mediocre manga adaptations , “ Pupa”. 

Now yaoi is a very specific but still rather large genre. Usually aimed towards women it provokes one of two reactions , interest and disgust. Especially since Super Lovers goes deeper by having the main sexual relationship between a 22 year old and his 13 year old adopted step-brother. Personally I just don’t have any interest in these shows as I view them the same as a regular hentia series just with more emotional focus. But still , I went into Super Lovers with my mind as open I could get it.

It was a miserable experience. The tone is everywhere and switches at a frankly bipolar rate, the jokes are cheap, animation and designs are standard and the animation looks rather low budget.. 

“While spending summer with his mother, Haru meets Ren, a boy newly adopted by his mother. Getting along with Ren isn’t easy as Haru’s goal is to “civilize” him by the time summer ends. Their relationship slowly improves as Haru spends more time with Ren and in return Ren steadily warms up to him. Can they really become a “family” at the end of summer?!”

The story is very simple premise with a lot of room for the relationship between Haru and Ren to develop the problems arise when the writers try to over-impress , incorporating elements like , amnesia , child abuse and feelings of isolation with what could have been a simple coming of age story with a sexual twist to satisfy the dedicated audience. 

The writing is incredibly clunky ,I’m not sure how the meetings in the writer’s room for this show went, but as a rule for future reference , cramming as much exposition into the very first line from a character’s mouth is a terrible idea. You have a span of ten episodes… why do I need to know everything in first ten minutes ? 
Maybe because that’s how long the show can hold it’s attention , no matter what’s going on there just has to be a terrible joke slotted awkwardly into it. A serious conversation of how Ren was mistreated in an orphanage ,insert visual gag. Because of how jarring and badly spaced out the humour is none of the jokes ever land. There’s a lot of continuity errors and plot holes.

The soundtrack is so generic I just can’t believe they did anything other than search up their forgotten shows and re-use what they felt like people wouldn’t recognize.

There’s such a low amount of shot variety that it actually began to really grate on me after a short while. There’s only so many zoomed in shots of characters eyes that I can tolerate. Even the most low-budget shows this season have been able to force out some sort of basic creativity.  

The composition choices genuinely angered me. 90% of the time a set would be a massive room , with very little actual detail but a lot of pointless complications , like unnecessary walls. There’ll just be two characters talking , in a sparsely decorated kitchen standing miles away from each other. I have no idea how anyone could have thought this would be visually pleasing ; to waste the budget on empty rooms but then not be able to fully fit the characters heads into shots and constantly re-use backdrops.

Actual animation is also terrible with lingering 2-4 repeating frames that are terrible but the director show-cases for so long that I have to wonder. Are they that proud of this ? Because most of the time it’s the kind of animation that is hidden in the background. 
The visual gags are too shoehorned and slow to be funny at all and not a single one has a shred 
of creativity.  

Character designs are very “ yaoi “ and are impossible to differentiate between all of Studio Deen’s other Yayoi. Even up close the animation mistakes butcher them. It’s common in a slightly small production for background characters to not have face , but leaving your main characters without noses in a close up shot is unforgivable and once again makes me question how well the budget was allocated.

The CGI , thankfully very rare , is terrible and doesn’t even attempt to blend in. When two characters are standing in river , just for future notice , they shouldn’t look like they’re floating on top of a blue gas.

Something that personally irritates me to no end is seeing eye brows and eyes see through , through the characters hair. If you wanted to show me his eyebrows then don’t draw his hair over his eyes , or vice versa. It’s just a really unappealing visual that always takes me out of the show.

Since it’s impossible to pin down any of the characters , I couldn’t feel attached to a single one and even less the “ touching romance “ that they shared. All their  chemistry was incredibly forced and instead of occurring naturally over time , it was like a computer filling in the necessary emotion when the plot needed to progress. The characters act bipolar half the time and switch emotions in five times in the space of one scene. It keeps their motivations impossible to keep invested in. Whenever there is even a shred of a semi-touching moment the show makes sure to pound it out with its terrible humour.

There’s no one who I could possibly suggest Super Lovers to , unless as a cruel joke on a friend, since I’m sure people with no interest in yaoi already disregarded this the second they saw the concept art of two guys hugging and people who are into yaoi most probably have far better taste than me when it comes to what they want to see. Luckily Studio Deen has a rather poor average of shows that got sequels , looking past Hetalia which has received almost 7 seasons. So we probably won’t have to endure , Super Lovers 2.