Jojo’s’ Bizarre Adventure : Diamond is Unbreakable Season 2 Release Date

Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken : Diamond wa Kudakenai ( Jojo’s’ bizarre adventure : diamond is unbreakable ) is a comedy/adventure anime that has become the face of comedy anime and it’s signature style can be recognized be even the most casual otaku. Despite that , I’d never seen a single episode of Jojo before I started Diamond so my review will be judging the show purely on this one section and not on how it  compares to the other seasons. But I’d heard from several people that you could jump into JoJo from the start of any season and be able to enjoy it regardless. Which I definitely did.

Diamond is the 4th and latest part of the story with a widely unconnected story to earlier season , bar a few details  and characters from the 3rd season.

The story was a type of “ monster of week “ with a larger overarching plot that develops over the span of the season. Even though I didn’t understand in detail how the world and powers operate I found myself enthralled on hooked on the story. The basics were explained but the show didn’t take it too far and let me learn as I went along.

I was surprised at the tone Diamond was going for however, I always imagined it as very light hearted but the first two episodes deal with a serial rapist and murderer and the writing gives off the sense of a 70s pulp thriller novel. The serious tone is still mixed in with enough outlandish situation that have feel very Jojo , so the story can take more liberties and entertain whilst having a certain adult-ness to it. 

Some lines and dialogue felt quite corny especially during fight scenes , but in a good sense. Fitting of the shows image.

The comedy is very specific but I think still open enough for the general audience and dedicated fans to both be able to enjoy it, albeit different levels.

The OP and ED are both incredibly catchy and deliver on the visual front. The OST itself is very powerful and rock heavy. When paired with the intense action it’s great at creating excitement and the quieter and more ambient villain tracks are all chilling. 
At this point the VA and the gruff manner in which they deliver their lines has become a symbol of how the show handles it’s , manly humour. 

As always the show is stylized in a very stiff and strong style that relies heavily on thick black outlines. From what I can tell Diamond is rocking more of an Art Deco inspired design , compared to the other seasons.  The colour are all single blocks that create a lot of depth. The yellow sky is a good tone-set for the shows absurd side and also gives the setting of a small town a lot of personality. Backgrounds aren’t generally quite simple but the shots have enough variety and the focus is almost always on the characters that it doesn’t really factor in for this show.

What really intrigued me was the unusual use of tracking shots. Fairly common in movies and television but since anime is just a set of still pictures , the right movements are harder to emulate with the virtual camera. That and the creative transitions often made me forget for a moment I was watching an anime , which even if for a few seconds , is extremely impressive. It’s as if you were watching a sitcom and got so engrossed in it that you forgot that it was all acting. The transitions and movement from scene to scene keep the story moving forward and a slick pace , but provide enough breathing room for us to be able to take in the backgrounds and characters.

The very heavy styling is utilized very well in composition to create interesting and layered scenes and imagery. The wide range of colours creates some very striking sky-boxes and settings , and is a great way to naturally control the tone of the show , jumping from deep reds to pale pinks and yellows.

Fight scenes pack a lot of punch and characters feel very weighted and physical. It’s far more satisfying to watch one powerful blow that shakes the screen , than 50 cheap , pew pew , CGI weapons that just vanish into the background.

The character designs haven’t changed much from the previous seasons and are recognizably , Jojo , their costume design matches the art deco world and is reflective of their personalities. All the protagonists are all likeable and layered and the villains are a combination of chilling , goofy and terrifying.

The stands are a new addition to the series , introduced in the third season. As a newcomer there’s a lot of subtleties about their uses and rules of the world , that I surely missed. But I still I enjoyed every action sequence and the wide range of stands and their creativity always kept the conflicts and villians interesting. The stands are all very well designed and the CGI and particles effects that are used fit into the art-style without being too jarring. 

There’s not a whole lot for me to say here , if you’re already invested in Jojo then I have to assume you came upon this review by mistake and I apologize for wasting your time. If however , for whatever reason you were unsure as to whether or not starting Jojo is worth your time, then from my perspective , yes it definitely is. Although I do recommend you start from S1 or at least S3 to get the full enjoyment. 

Based on what I saw in Diamond is unbreakable it completely delivered on all the hype people put on the show. With a few surprises in the general seriousness of the tone. I can’t very well say if it is a worthy sequel to it’s predecessors as I haven’t gotten round to watching them yet. But as an individual experience I highly enjoyed and recommend it.