Yuru Yuri Season 4 Release Date

Easygoing Yuri Season 4 Release Date

Most anime fans don’t have enough time to complete all anime released for a season. An anime episode plays for around 20-60 minutes depending on the quality of the episode and also the studio animating it. Sometimes OVAs are served to make an open-ended season have a proper ending. There are 30-40 regular anime shows listed for every season in Japan, excluding the TV shorts. With an average of 12 episode per anime, a full season consists 360-480 episodes, and that is around 7200-28800 minutes. In short that’s a lot of time to invest. LOL!

I didn’t have that much time to watch all anime of Fall 2015. I was so busy with my teaching and with my loaded hiking trips with my high school friends. Even though it killed so much of time, I am still able to catch up to the season but I needed to prioritize what I should watch first. I chose Yuru Yuri season 3 to watch first simply because slice of life is my favorite genre and I didn’t want to ruin my happy mood from my hiking trips.

I had so much fun watching it especially the King Game. HAHA! I hope that Namori will not stop illustrating and writing for this franchise. Even though that the manga adaptation is not at ongoing status at the moment, the main manga is still up and running. With enough materials and sales, a season 4 will never be a problem. I do hope that fans would continue supporting not just the manga but also the anime adaptation.