Utawarerumono Season 3 Release Date

The One Being Sung Season 3 Release Date

Do not judge a book by its cover. That is the rule of thumb that I always apply with myself and to my students. I know that first impression always lasts but not all the time it is correct. Base on my experience from teaching, if you stick your first impression to a person or a thing, you will always end up regretting that impression in the end. Better know everything first, be a part of that thing or person then start judging.

I just don’t get it though. I don’t get it why some people from myanimelist tend to give a review to an anime even though they haven’t finished watching the whole season yet. It breaks my heart, seriously it does. Utawarerumono took more than 10 years before it reappeared again in the anime scene. And those 10 years are not years not well spent, we are talking about a big franchise that hit big in the gaming scene. Originally from a visual novel, the first release of it is never a joke, same goes to the first anime season of the franchise.

Now that fall season of 2015 is over, Utawarerumono: The False Faces is over as well. As a gamer, I am happy that the second installment of the game is very successful, with it available on the PS4 platform is a good sign already. Also, as an anime enthusiast, the second season is a big break. I do hope that the third game would go online real quick, so that the third season of the anime adaptation would be released as well. Remember, the anime adaptation for this franchise is a promotional activity for the game.