Star-Myu Season 2 Release Date

High School Star Musical Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever tried auditioning before? My first audition was way back in high school. I auditioned because I wanted to be part of our school’s dance troupe. It wasn’t just a normal club audition, applicants were suppose to perform a single routine at the school quadrangle while the whole school watches the whole event. Sadly, I didn’t made it through. The reason wasn’t mentioned though but I am pretty sure that it was my confidence. I was so nervous back then that it caused me to make vital mistakes on the routine. Since my first year audition, I never tried it again until I hit my fourth year and successfully joined the club as I am a senior already with much confidence.

It was because of Yuta Hoshitani from High School Star Musical that made me share my story. His confidence and admiration to his idol made him through the club. Maybe not a lot would get this though but fans with great dedication to dancing knows that you need to have the guts to pull off a routine. Of course, you will need confidence but if really don’t have what it takes then you won’t make it far. 

Speaking of having what it takes, I think the franchise Star-Myu did a very good job on the anime scene. The franchise also has a radio drama, it would be a great idea to check it sometime. With proper push from the fans, a season 2 won’t be a bad idea. High School Star Musical deserves a second chance on the anime screen.