Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Season 3 Release Date

The Testament of New Sister Devil Season 3 Release Date

Change is inevitable. Every year on the anime scene, animation evolves. The content when it comes to animation gets better and better. Some say that it gets lousier on other anime but it doesn’t change the fact that “change” is indeed inevitable. With this evolution comes the change of demographic target market, change of how to show censored scenes and stuffs and change of how the community will accept an anime that will run for less than 12 episodes (standard number of episodes per season). These are normal, like I said it is unstoppable but everything seems odd for 2015’s Fall change especially when it comes to the adaptation of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha.

I know and do respect the fact the The Testament of Sister New Devil is a successful franchise but I can’t face it on how it was delivered as an anime. Oh wait, yes I do know that there are two versions of the anime, the censored one and the uncensored one. I am not a hater of this anime, in fact I wrote about this before that it should have a second season and get better animation and content but it went upside down. It turned more into a hentai and not a typical harem that fans would always expect.

With 10 episodes for the 2nd season, it was an indication that it would have an OVA and pretty much close/open-end the whole animation. Still I hope for a better 3rd season, a successful franchise would have another return.