Zetman Season 2 release date

Zetman Season 2 release date

“It’s when things are tough that you have to keep your head up high. You won’t find hope lying on the ground.” -Inspector Sayama

I was extremely surprised because I liked this one; since I never would have thought that I can like violent animes! They’re gross for me – well, before. 

Two youths that fight in the name of justice but with different standards – this is what this anime is mainly about. Sometimes, their ideals, who they are and how they serve the public.  I cried on the first episode. Lmao. 

The story was a bit confusing at first, I tried googling everything and it got clearer and clearer throughout the show. The story is set in the modern times with technology that passes our own in the real world. Monsters called Players, or EVOL, created by Humans break the law and start killing they’re creators. These specimen broke free of their cages. Just like what happened in Jurassic park. But luckily, this show has heroes.

If we were to talk about the technicality, it is good. I’d say the art is dark; pretty much reflecting its theme – emo. As for the art, the series seems to familiarize a bit of old school. With the old school-like art, it certainly seeds some nostalgia in some of us who have been otakus even for a while. The music, though, isn’t anything noble as I’ve never really paid it much time up to this point. Lmao.

Being a manga follower of zetman, I am to some extent disappointed but at the same time happy because it already has its anime adaptation. Of course, books are always better than movies/shows. But to those who are fresh and wants enjoy a good strong captivating story with interesting characters similar to like of that Tiger and Bunny, it’s worth your time. 

If you liked Deadman Wonderland, Blassreiter and Claymore, Zetman is clearly for you, you should give it a shot if you want to try, you won’t regret it. 

This anime has a slim chance of getting a second season, though.