Uchuu Kyoudai Season 3 release date

Uchuu Kyoudai Season 3 release date

Dream big. That is what they always say to us. For me, my dreams are literally big. My frustrated dream is to become an Aeronautical Engineer; they fix airplanes and jets and such. I can never imagine how I would feel if I reached my longtime dream.

But Mutta knows how he would, because he already did. Mutta’s life has driven nirvana. Lmao. He’s been fired, excluded from his profession. Now he’s had to transfer back in with his parents. Meanwhile, his kid brother Hibito has been riding a rocket and training to be an astronaut. The same career that Mutta once dreamed of.

And until then Mutta as the older brother have a saying that older brother must take a step fast against his younger brother, luckily, there was a test for becoming an astronaut, and so Mutta without hestitation, signed for the audition.

Well, everything about this anime has the feels that is very authentic. There is no sense of false trick. And above all, it gives off a very spreadable sense of hope and optimism. A sense that your dreams ARE reachable, and that there is no such thing as bad luck; it’s all about creating your own luck.  I’m sure everyone has had their share of regrets and somewhere along the line, has felt unpleasant about the way their life turned out. I’m also sure that everyone has had their share of thoughts that had to be abandoned for one reason or another. Sad.

What I enjoy most about Mutta’s character is that he signifies two sides: disappointment and hope.

A lot of times times during his journey to being an astronaut, Mutta loses faith in himself and says “I give up, there’s no way I can do this.” (Something I’m sure everyone can relate to) However, like any other great protagonist, he holds an internal spark of hope that drives him to persist through the challenges that sprang at him, in spite of what he says to himself. All in all, he is the reason why I believe this show is contagiously optimistic and hopeful. Mutta, despite being an adult who has skilled a fair amount of disappointment, still retains the optimistic eagerness of his younger self while taking steps in attaining his long-time dream.

If you’re looking for a motivation, then you might try this anime… and one note for me, DREAM BIG! AIM HIGH.

I hope this gets a third season because it really deserves to have one.