Tari Tari Season 2 release date

Tari Tari Season 2 release date

High school dramas are stereotyped nowadays. But, though people know that they are mostly cliche, they still watch and support it. Admit, we are all part of those people.

Being a part of the conventional genre of high school drama, Tari is certainly not a newbie in this kind of anime.

It akes place during the final year of high school for Wakana and her friends Sawa and Konatsu. Immediately afterward receiving a scolding from the strict and scary vice principal, Konatsu decides to quit the choir club and start a new one by herself. This courage went to her with the aid of her friends, as well as the later addition of two male characters: Taichi, a njce badminton player, and “Wien”, a peculiar and unusual transfer student from Austria. Of course, things don’t and won’t go as smoothly for Konatsu as she was hoping they would, receiving an initially angry and cold reaction from Wakana who accuses her of fooling around and giving music as a game.

 In an attempt to show how he was determined , Konatsu sings in public and gathers the attention of her aforementioned friends – finally assembling enough members to establish the club and push forward with her ambitions.

Though not visually excellent, I meantheth animation, Tari Tari benefits from its complex and detailed scenery which is based and modeled upon real locations. The school and the area in which the characters all live in feels very much reliable and distinctive.

Tari Tari is a title that stands out not for its setting, nor its story, or even its well-developed characters. What sets it apart from the other similar titles is how it manages to synthesize all of these basics and convey a story with a purpose. It typifies exactly how teenage drama sjould be conducted and be enjoyable, at the same time.  When so many series subscribe to the idea of “the more crying and yelling, the better”, a title such as this is a concrete proof of how this kind kof shows can greatly affect this world when done greatly.

These shows are needed for this generation. with that, I do hope this gets a second season.