Shirokuma Café season 2 release date

Shirokuma Café season 2 release date


This anime is simple, but great. Polar Bear Café is about the daily lives of a bunch of animals who has a café run by the so-called Polar Bear, including a panda, a penguin, a llama and a sloth (among many others). An anime about a cooking bear! CUTE, RIGHT?

Using the restaurant theme but actually can take place in any settings, Shirokuma Cafe and Working are pretty much situation comedy that happen to take place in restaurant and coincidentally share the common activity of arubaito (part-time work.)

You have the oblivious Panda, the po-faced Polar Bear and the irritable and love sick Mr. Penguin. The awesome trio. The characters are probably what kept me coming back to the show so much.
The cast of Polar Bear Café is very star-studded. Everyone seems to be a notable name – the central quartet consists of Jun Fukuyama, Takahiro Sakurai, Hiroshi Kamiya and Aya Endo –and then the popular seiyuu! 

It’s calming and makes me feel at ease, all the while making me laugh and squeal at how cute some of the characters are. Shirokuma Cafe has a wide variety of cuteness. 

Overall, it’s very silly and goofy and I just have to reiterate who utterly charming this show is – it’s a wonderful show to watch if you need cheering up. Chirokuma Cafe is an outstanding anime even if it lacks the usual action-adventure-romance stuff in most anime nowadays. When I saw the series last Spring I never imagined it turning out to be this cute. I am so lucky that I already finished it.
Yes, Polar Bear Café deserves a second season! It surely does!