Shiba Inuko-san Season 2 release date

Shiba Inuko-san  Season 2 release date

I have always loved short animes because they are convenient to watch. And sometimes, us otakus wants lighthearted ones, something that won’t make your burdens heavy, metaphorically.
Shiba Inuko-san belongs to that kind of show. It contains one to two mildly funny jokes and/or sight gags, and that’s about it. *sniffs* But are we really after that? If that’s all you’re looking for, you’ll get a pretty good return on your deal (90 seconds per episode). The characters have basically one trait each, the voices are your common high-pitched moe performances; the character designs, uhm, aside from Shiba Inuko-san herself (Kawaii), are utterly unremarkable.

There really is no plot so nothing much to expect. I mean, do animes like this ever have story? Nope! 

However, the cast is enjoyable, and tend to make me giggle every episode. With the short length, you don’t get as much you expected, but this anime will bring a smile, or a slight happiness, for sure.
Considering the fact that you are only spending at most 2 regular episode lengths watching this, this justifies the means. If you want a few chuckles or you’re looking for something to watch with a couple spare minutes, Shiba Inuko-san is a good place to start. I guarantee you will smile at least once. Lmao.

I have not much to say, but overall, there is a slim chance that this will get a second season due to the lack of supporters.