Sankarea Season 3 release date

Sankarea Season 3 release date

I never expected a zombie-related anime being a hit? Oh well, who did?

The story? Well, it is about a young boy named Chihiro Furuya, who has an odd hobby, or more a fascination on zombies. I find him really weird, though, but that’s pretty much a good thing. There’s something you don’t see or hear every day. 

His love for zombies can be classified as fascination or charm, or maybe, both. Sounds strange right? I’m sure this would definitely be something strange even for any of us considered to be an otaku. The story continues on from there where he meets a lady, who later on becomes what he’s “obsessed with”.

As for our main star, she is a unique character, ‘cause she’s dead. Lmao. Really! Despite being one of the most beautiful girl at school, she strives hard to gain “freedom” or to be able from her life. Most conspicuously, she tries to avoid everything, her condition and all. (sometimes she can make viewers, puke. Everything’s disgusting.) It is definitely something I’m sure most of us don’t want to be placed in our own situations in actual life. I’m quite sure.

As for horror and ecchi, both were united into Sankarea in an unremarkable manner, so do not expect to much. Whi;st the first 3 episodes had horror hints, the rest featured horror in a more comedic way. Nothing outstanding or crappy. Just in between.
 Ecchi  blended easily, the creaters are awesome. It was shown in a respectful manner. In short, Ecchi-fans would be satisfied and non-ecchi fans won’t be disturbed too much.

This is why the show is distinct, the characters. One crazy about zombies, one too rich to be free, finest cat in the world and more expect when you decide to start this anime. The interaction between everyone is just awesome. Zombies are underrated, anyway. So the show really polishes what people want to distinguish more about the characters. 

Overall, I’m liking this series as it is so far. It’s not something I’ll be fanatical about as much as the main character for zombies but certainly relishing it at an anime fan level. The story (although somewhat easy to predict) has drama with an emotional background mixed in with comedy and likely romance. The characters are appealing and the music fits fine. My only worry at this point is Studio DEEN as it’s definitely not my preferred anime studio of this world. This is a good shot for the Spring Season. I hope this gets a third season.