Sakamichi no Apollon Season 2 release date

Sakamichi no Apollon Season 2 release date

Back in grade school, we studied ballroom and I prefer jazz so much. After how many years, I stumbled upon an anime which its synopsis says that it revolved around jazz. I downloaded it eagerly.
The trouble is Sakamichi no Apollon isn’t as much about jazz as it is about lame and dull characters. There’s jazz in the series, and it definitely gets a part, but it doesn’t play as large a part as I hope it would. This seems to be the theme of music-based anime, but what hurts is it doesn’t pay attention to the music as much as the boring lives of the characters. Jazz is concerned, it changes with the temper. That heart the dancers of jazz are only seen during the parts where the characters play their music. Other than that, the series falls flat. Ugh.

Lame as it could be, the plot also is. Kaoru is a guy. He goes to high school. He loves to read. Sentarou is a guy. He also goes to high school. He’s a gangster. Ritsuko is a girl. She also goes to high school. I can’t distinguish her character besides being the love interest.

Together they are the three main characters of our little jazz drama. Kaoru goes to high school as the new kid. He meets a brutal Sentarou guy who skips classes a lot. Usual shouju stuff. Sentarou is a drummer who plays jazz with Ritsuko’s father and a silly guy named Jun. Kaoru, who can play the piano,  learns how to jump from his classical background into the realm of jazz.

Sakamichi no Apollon is a nono for me. It’s overhyped, people are overreacting, and that excitement is maybe why you joined the bandwagon and check this anime out, and got disappointed, right? Lmao.

 Well, me contradicting myself time, there are some qualities that are pleasurable, okay. 

Disclaimer: but taken as a whole, it’s merely adequate in gratifying the thirst for jazz, as well as the search for a good musical anime. But I won’t recommend this for someone who’s finding a musical show worth his/her time.

I secretly hope this gets a second season, though. Jazz rules!