Saint Seiya Omega Season 3 Release Date

Saint Seiya Omega Season 3 Release Date

Did your father force you to sleep during the afternoons of your childhood? Well, for me, it’s a big yes and I am proud being a daddy’s girl. He has driven me into animes since then, like it was my destiny. Lmao. But seriously though, because whenever I wake up, I open our telly and catch up on the hottest anime in the child neighborhood. (Oh yes, the children of our neighborhood had anime-talks and bragging about merchs and games and cards and collectibles) 

Aah, whenever I remember them, I remember Saint Seiya, one of my much loved anime when I was younger. Sadly for me, they are taking the franchise into the future. But I’m confused, why did they still name it saint seiya. Oh, c’mon. I guess that’s the disadvantage of having a franchise titled with the name of one character, though, for the new generation. I miss my childhood already. I hope kids of the next generation will respect anime as much as we did.

Back to the main course: First of all, they reused the OST Pegasus Fantasy, my faviieee! That’s a nice nostalgic touch. A plus plus for old fans like me. Next, characters are updated to reflect the current stereotype of bishounen (no more muscles).  Everybody is thin. (quite relatable for some guys out there, *coughs*) 

The cloths though are simplified, and are stored inside a jewel. The lovely idea of cosmos is still there, but they added basics, you know, fire, water, earth, etc. Basics, like what I said. Understandable.

The plot? Well, uhm, I think the series started very well with Seiya as a gold saint caring for Saori & an infant from (this is kinda odd lmao,) Mars. Yup, it’s still Saori as Athena. Then the story turns into the expected outbreak! We have Kouga as the new Pegasus saint (Lmao I didn’t expect this)t raining and not figuring out the point of everything! Though he’s still the typical weak and ignorant main character. Then, this being expected, Saori got kidnapped by Mars. Honestly, I thought she’s Princess Peach now. So Kouga is going on a journey to find her.

So far so good. I was expecting Kouga’s up and downs slash pain and gain all through his journey as he is meeting other saints as friends and foes at the same time (or either), life and death fights, even stronger foes, rinse and repeat, you know, the typical staple of hostility anime. Generic. Well,excuse me. NO. Ha-ha! Instead, he went to a school with his friends and learn how to become saints. Wait, huh? Yeah, they brought Seiya to Hogwarts and he became a wizard. Oh, and yes, they have classes too. *sigh

Let’s just hope they don’t have the saints call for Captain Planet (I’m joking, okay) and this gets a third season.