Rinne no Lagrange season 3 Release Date

Rinne no Lagrange season 3 Release Date

This series at times seems like one of those titles where you can watch through but feel bored of the somewhat repetitive and dull moments. But there are also those moments which are heartwarming, filled with joy, but occasionally also has emotions that can be connected to each of our own young lives.

Despite having flaws, this series seems to be one of the most underrated titles of this summer. But that’s fine because Rinne no Lagrange II isn’t here for a fame contest (lmao) but rather to deliver entertainment that the audience demands and deserves.

Also known as Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne Season 2, it is the direct sequel of the original series that takes place some months after Lan and Muginami leaves Earth. I missed this show so much. I missed Madoka.

Overall, it is a fun ride to enjoy and a show to watch. You know feeling of opening the fridge and seeing it fulfoodfoodf? Ya, that’s a similar feeling you get when you play the episodes. It’s not all about play and games though as there is a story going on here.

Unfortunately though, the story seems be distorted sometimes although it comes perfect at times. Pushing forward and rushing it through the story is not a decent idea and in this sequel seems to recurrence a bit of that mistake.

Yet, it can be a relaxing, pleasurable series to enjoy on a weekend with the Jersey Club. I hope this gets a third season!