Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Season 3 release date

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Season 3 release date

            Raising a child is not a joke. Imagine yourself being in your parent’s place, dealing with you and your sibling’s shiz. It’s hard. 

            What if you’re in college and were put in a situation wherein you have to take care of three children? Well, this anime knows the answer.

            It’s main character is Segawa Yuuta. He is a freshman of a famous university. His parents passed away early and he got cared by his own sisters. One day, he was visiting to his sister’s room because he got asked to take care of her three daughter while Yuri (his sister) and her husband were on an important trip. Then, life happened. His sister and her spouse got in a plane crash all the way through the trip, and so, the three daughters will be living disjointedly because of the family want they do so, and to avoid that happen, Yuuta decided to take all the three girls. Aww, such a nice husband he would be. He cares for the girls and I don’t want to spoil everything but if you’re a manga reader you know that he does everything to make sure that the girls are all happy and comfortable.

            This show has a heartwarming story and cute every day scenes.The details they put into the characters are really amusing. The animation is also meticulously made and that’s one thing that really stood out for me. I really loved this anime. If you’re feeling sad, or down, I am quite sure this show can give you a smile.

            Overall, with this being your typical cute family harem comedy, it still is very nice and the three sassy girls are cute and have interesting personalities. I loved Yuuta so much, I want my future husband to be like him. (I’m too young for that, sorry, but he’s an ideal man!!) He’s perfect trying to give the girls a father figure

            Great show, very entertaining. Nothing much to say but I hope this gets a third season!