New Prince of Tennis Season 4 Release Date

New Prince of Tennis Season 4 Release Date

I used to have a girl bestfriend that loves Tennis. She is a school champ in that sport. While me, I am just a puny girl who loves to sleep, eat, watch and write about animes. She insisted that I must read its manga; of course, I am not that eager for it. Just by hearing its title, I wasn’t interested because I am not that into sports. I thought that this would be boring. Surprisingly, I was wrong.

Luckily for its author, his work became one of most popular sports manga of all time, having the blame of doing for tennis: what Slam Dunk did for basketball; it caused an excellent improvement in terms of fame for the sport in its native country. 

Good job, Takeshi. Up to this day, it’s hard to say that otakus have moved on Prince of Tennis fever, merchs of this anime make it visibly true of just how much of a great deal this anime is.

Of course, such a popular manga was destined to be subject to an anime, obviously. Finally, on October 2001, an anime version of the mega-hit manga was released by none other than…J.C Staff? Wait, seriously? Someone thought that this was a good idea? I mean, J.C Staff, a company that is well known to everyone for messing up and/or murdering adaptations of great works? (I’m looking at you Spiral) All of a sudden, everyone thought, that Prince of Tennis the anime sounds like it’s going to be a disaster.


I, along with its fans, most certainly loved this anime, as anyone else who has seen it, has. The great plot, good art and characters play a big part in this anime’s success; everything from the action packed episodes to the comedic chibi episodes were truly enjoyable!

Character is prolly the aspect of this anime that truly made it one of my favorites. There is a huge amount of characters in the anime. There’s definitely many characters you can relate to, as they are all unique. 

The characters also grow throughout the anime, so a character you may not have liked before, but before you know it, it dramatically becomes your favorite. Plus, another favorable aspect is the art; the art of this anime is spectacular! Splendid! Even though there is a large cast of characters, and each of the players have their very own original moves, the art is detailed so well that it is easy to distinguish all characters. Even the comedic and chibi episodes were truly amazing and had detailed art. 

I really enjoyed Prince of Tennis, it was a very fun rollercoaster ride of laughs, cries, and cheering-up. It has a strong cast of likeable characters and a good soundtrack. This sports anime is worth the time you put into it. Oh please, I hope this gets an upshot, a fourth season!