Natsuyuki Rendezvous Season 2 release date

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Season 2 release date

What is loving? Is it a skill? Is it an expression? Is it a feeling? Sounds mushy for me but it may be something that all of us feel like it must be a special part of us because it’s the central music of human life. No, uhh, but seriously, think about it!
Eternal and ghostly love.

At any rate, this series is light hearted and presents romance in a more realistic as well as naturalistic way despite the supernatural theme added in. Get it? Someone ghostly pries in. That being, the troll husband is Shimao. More than that, this series seems to have a rather slow pace particularly in some of the later episodes.
However, a slow paced romance series is never good specifically to fans that are looking more intense drama. Bring on the strength? No. It’s more like bring on the slice-of-life feel. This is just another no-brainer show. Not wprth the king’s time. So, anyone looking onward to some intense emotions should avoid this.

To me, though, this series can be pleasant at a realistic level It has the soothing tempo, light and slow pace that can be calming to watch. And of course, being dual tagged as supernatural and josei is quite a rare case in today’s anime series. Most anime you see these days are series tagged “action, romance”, “ecchi, romance”, “horror, romance”, “school, romance”, blah blah blah. With that, happy soundtrack and the simple yet realistic artwork defines Natsuyuki Rendezvous at its best form. Simple yet enjoyable – but certainly is not flawless. 

Despite this though, theare are flaws in this series. I have higher standards than this thing. The pacing, conclusion, and focus are a few to name.

All in all, Natsuyuki Rendezvous is an anime that is hard to love. Yet, it has moments that are enjoyable. Being a ghost is never easy; but love is just so damn complicatedx right?. I hope this gets a second season, but sadly, it has a slim chance.