Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon season 3 release date

Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon  season 3 release date

After I finished watching this sequel series of the original “Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere”, I took a deep breath. A great of refreshment because I cannot get over of everything I watched. Yes, that’s right@ Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II is one of the series that I found so bad that it’s that damn good.

This sequel takes place in a fantasy world, a world of politics, war, and excitement. Interesting theme and well rounded characters. The cast is still there with Tori who portrays the fool. He’s the guy who’s naked nearly the entire series but finds himself comfortable with the person he cares about the most, Horizon. But let’s not forget the other characters in the series. Take for example, Tenzou Crossunite, the guy with the bizarre hat and an astonishing personality.  Tenzou has a depraved and random personality but a hero as he puts his life at risk for the well being of others. He gets tons of screen time in this sequel and for a big-breast woman that he eventually falls in love with. Well, that’s a hyperbole but I promise you, it does have its flavors. Lmao.

Despite all the comedy going around (more than just Tori’s nakedness), there are some emotions as well. Tenzou fights throughout the latter half of the series not only physically but also mentally, (which I find attractive hihihi) as he attempts to save a woman that he really loves. The romance is very odd as it’s not the usual shoujo type or the “love at first sight” but rather, based on mutual respect, affection, and a flower that bloomed into love.

Great care and detail is put into crafting every scene, and it’s visible.  Fun comedy, magnificently choreographed conflicts, beautifully combined music, and inspiring characters are thrown into a vast and detailed world to pursue their goals. An anime that you’ll certainly crave for more if you tried.

I honestly fail to recall some details because everything else in the series was too mind-blowing.